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In the year 2000, Richard A DeFelice left an existing large road and highway construction firm that he had been a founder and co-owner of, and formed  

Newport Construction Corporation.  

Newport started with 10 employees, and a small office in Nashua, NH - with an emphasis on quality, consistency, and exceeding clients expectations. 

Through hard work, dedication, persistence, and a tremendous team, in a relatively short time, Newport grew to become a major player in the regional heavy highway construction and paving scene.


In an effort to introduce vertical integration to the construction division, Newport Materials was formed in 2009. By producing and supplying various aggregate products and materials for Newport's own projects, the materials division gave Newport an added value in the marketplace.

Situated just off of U.S. Route 3 in Westford Massachusetts, Newport Materials business model was that of roadway material crushing, and processing of approved gravel to many construction sites across Massachusetts.


In recognizing the sites prime location to major Massachusetts and New Hampshire markets, Interstates, and its extreme ease of use with a short distance of 1,800 ft to the highway,  Newport applied for a permit to construct an asphalt (bituminous concrete) manufacturing facility.

During the lengthy permitting process, Newport acquired the entire 100+ acre parcel of land, in addition to the abutting quarry - which provides demonstrable value in allowing the ability to produce our own stone and aggregate materials for the asphalt production, and ship internally to our manufacturing plant.  This added value allows Newport to directly control its raw material supply, and needs.  Additionally, we sell our stone and aggregate products to contractors, agencies, and other material manufacturers and suppliers.


With the opening of our brand new asphalt manufacturing facility, along with our quarry, aggregates division, paving/milling, and heavy highway construction divisions, Newport is uniquely situated as a key player in the regional market place - and one of the only privately held firms in the area with the numerous different verticals both on the manufacturing, and extensive heavy highway construction operations side of the business.

Now in full production, contact us to learn more about our facility, offerings, and how Newport can help YOUR company with its asphalt and aggregate material needs.

More information on our heavy highway construction and paving firm can be found here 

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