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We have just recently installed state of the art automatic doors at our asphalt plant.  As a result, our load out process has been tweaked a little bit, and is still very simple.  If you have any questions while at the plant, one of our personnel will be happy to assist you.  Some additional details below.


12' 5" Height Clearance

Our plant has a strict 12' 5" height restriction on all trucks entering.  While most trucks have no problem with this clearance, there are some with extended pipes.  There are no exceptions, and any trucks with a larger height that attempt to enter and damage the facility will be held liable and responsible.  



Please stop at the stop sign in front of your dedicated silo, which will be given to you at the call box by our control house.  Once the light turns green, you may begin to pull forward, and the door will automatically open.  Pull forward for your bed to be sprayed as normal, and proceed to your dedicated silo.



Once your truck has been loaded, our high powered suction system will begin to run, in which the steam will be pulled from the truck and into our ventilation system for containment.  This process will take approximately 10-15 seconds.  Once complete, the light will turn green, and you may move forward where the door will automatically open.  Please do not pull forward until the green light goes on. 

Once you have exited the silo, please immediately put the cover on your body.  We do not want trucks sitting open air while you get your tickets.

Please be respectful of the posted speed limits and traffic laws as you exit our property and travel our neighboring roads.

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