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Newport owns and operates the granite quarry adjacent to its Asphalt Manufacturing Facility.   


Newport Aggregates mines, processes, manufactures, and sells various types and sizes of crushed stone and aggregate product to contractors, material manufacturers, as well as general retail.  

Our approved aggregate products have been an integral part of many regional construction projects for years, in addition to being used as raw material in asphalt and cement concrete production.


Located in Westford, Massachusetts - Newport's granite quarry is connected to the oldest active quarry in the United States.   With well over 100,000,000 ton of identified granite reserves, we are situated to self supply our asphalt plant, and serve our customers on the retail side, for generations to come.

Our quarry is mined, and our stone is crushed on site, and delivered to either our retail bins, or transported internally to our asphalt plant.

With the recent acquisition of a large number of state of the art crushing equipment, Newport Aggregates is uniquely positioned to serve both our customers, and internal supply.


All drivers please report to the on-site office trailer for loading instructions.

With our combined site spanning one mile of frontage on U.S. Route 3, our entrance and point of sale for our quarry and aggregate products is different than that of our asphalt facility.  

Though our quarry and Newport Aggregates location is located in Westford, MA - for best GPS directions, please enter:  90 Ledge Rd, No. Chelmsford, MA

For product, pricing, and general inquiries, please call us at


or  via email at


Entrance to Newport Aggregates requires traveling on Ledge Road, which is home to our residential neighbors.  It is mandatory to adhere to all posted speed limits, and the use of Jake brakes is strictly prohibited.  Additionally, loads must be covered, and any spillage on to roadways is unacceptable.   Newport takes this very seriously, and will act accordingly if we find our customers to be in violation.

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